Malabrigo (pronounced maul ah-bree’ -go’) is a family owned yarn company located in Uruguay with a line of Hand-Dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations.

Malabrigo started small in 2005 with two brothers-in-law dyeing wool in a kitchen. Today the company operates two mills, employing mostly women of all ages. Most Malabrigo yarns are made with 100% Uruguayan Merino wool produced by sheep who wander free-range through the hills herded by actual old-style shepherds.

As part of their ongoing efforts to build a greener business, Malabrigo uses solar power, water conservation techniques, and as few chemicals as possible. All of their colorants meet Oeko-Tex and 1907/2006 CE standards, and their superwash manufacturing process also meets Oeko-Tex standards. This means their yarn is verified to be free from a range of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, and a variety of other toxins and carcinogens. Their superwash process uses a very thin, very diluted coating of resin that is the same material used in the manufacture of facial tissues and paper towel.

As malabrigo’s yarns are hand-dyed, colors often vary from skein to skein even within the same dye lot. This is especially true of variegated colors. Please make sure to purchase enough yarn for your entire project. If you purchase online, we will do our best to select skeins of the same dye lot that visually match. To ensure random color distribution, you can alternate a few rows from different skeins while knitting. Although bleeding is not usual, it can be caused by either excess dye, which is more typical of dark, saturated colors, or dye that has not set properly. If you notice dye bleeding, soak your yarn in cold water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar for 30 minutes and repeat until it stops bleeding. You can find more great advice in the Malabrigo Ravelry group.




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