Hiya Hiya Bamboo Int. Set

Hiya Hiya Bamboo Int. Set

By: HiyaHiya

HiyaHiya Bamboo Interchangeable Needles feature keyless screw on connections and swivel cables.

HiyaHiya Bamboo needles are made with high quality bamboo impregnated with resin. This make HiyaHiya needles the strongest and smoothest bamboo needles available.

Tips are available in either 4" or 5". Only 4" tips can make smaller size circular needles, lik 16".

SMALL sets includes 7 sets of tips in sizes from 2-8US (2.75-5mm) and 4 cables to make needles that are 16", 24" 32" and 40".

LARGE sets inclue 6 sets of tips in sizes from 9-15US (5.5 - 10 mm) and 4 cables (2-26", 1-34" and 1-42" cables).

Each set includes a practical and portable brocade case, needle tips and 4 cables (tip and cord sizes vary depending on whether you get a small size set or a large size set). Each set also includes a set of needle grips. Assorted fabric cases.

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