Annetarsia Knits: a New Link to Intarsia by Anne Berk

Annetarsia Knits: a New Link to Intarsia by Anne Berk

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Including Garter Stitch and in the Round
Anne Berk

Pages: 224
Size (WxH): 8.5" x 9"
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Double Vision Press

“Annetarsia Knits” is a reference book for the Intarsia technique, presented in a fresh, informative and comprehensive format. Knitters have traditionally shied away from intarsia due to the annoyance of dealing with multiple yarn supplies on the needle, and weaving all of the ends. “Annetarsia” gives knitters easy options to manage those issues, so that they can get to the fun stuff; painting pictures on their knitting without stranding. Intarsia creates a flexible, lightweight fabric, wonderful for garments.

The book begins with extensive instruction on technique, tools to make it easier, and intuitive ways to deal with problems that may occur. Photography illustrates each step. Then, there are 2 workshops with fun and useful projects to practice skills. “In the Kitchen” has patterns for a potholders worked in stockinette and garter stitch intarsia, and an oven mitt worked in the round (ITR). Worsted weight wool is recommended for ease of knitting, and feltability. “In the Loo” patterns for stockinette and garter stitch intarsia are washcloths, and the ITR project is a soap bag. Worsted weight cotton is recommended. “Yarn gauge” is introduced here, a new technique which enables knitters to measure how much yardage is needed for each intarsia section.

Now that the knitter has intarsia skills, they are fully prepared to knit projects. Easy, fun to knit designs for hats, mitts, socks, pillows, scarves, and garments are presented with detailed photos and complete instruction. At the top of each pattern, a table lists skills needed for the pattern, and where to find those pages in the book. Charts are detailed with yarn supplies needed, where new ones are added, and how much yardage is required for each section.

Anne’s students contributed to the workshop projects, and their work is photographed in the book. Students test knit several projects, and 3 variations became original designs, that are included. Their success and enthusiasm attests to the enjoyment of intarsia when done the “Annetarsia” way.

Anne Berk lives in Portland, Oregon, and the photography reflects the beauty of this Northwest state. Projects are named for local places and landmarks that inspired their design.

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