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Your Twistedistas

AnnaAnna - Stock & Operations Coordinator
When Anna isn't knitting, you might find her out and about singing vintage swing music and playing trombone with AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady. She also loves to spend time with her Mini Schnauzer, Penelope, and her husband, Leo. Though she spent most of her upbringing in Arizona, she was born in Minnesota and is truly a Midwestern girl at heart. She misses her awesome family who still live in AZ and loves to dote on her nephew, Jaxon, and niece, Vaunne, the most awesome little people in the world.

ArwenArwen - Class & Events Coordinator
A native of Sun Valley, Idaho, Arwen lost her heart to Portland when she moved here in 2005. The child of eccentric parents and drafted into the family business by age 6, she grew up traveling to doll conventions and art fairs all over the West. Driven by a craving for just the right striped socks, she learned to knit (from her very patient mother) as a teenager. Arwen loves to combine knitting with a classic horror flick or a good book. When not knitting or otherwise messing about with needles and thread, she enjoys painting, cooking, yoga, and going to rock shows.




Dawn was born a midwesterner who is a Portlander at heart. True to that she has tried it all- knitting, sewing, needle felting, jewelry making, baking, pickling, canning, fermenting... She lives in the neighborhood with her bike commuting husband, roller derby/soccer daughter and gaming son. When not at the store, she is watching movies, reading fabulously trashy romances and forcing her kids on hikes.

EmilyEmily - Owner
Emily grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, which is located in the southern section of the state hysterically known as “Kentuckiana.” College at Stanford University introduced Emily to the west coast and it stuck. Emily has a very spoiled French Bulldog, Nugget, who is quite tolerant of her crafting addiction. Other than knitting, sewing, and the like, Emily enjoys backpacking and playing with technology (habits acquired from her dad) as well as growing orchids and imparting common sense on the unsuspecting masses (talents fostered by her mom).


NuggetNugget - Mascot, Court Jester, Head of Public Relations
Nugget is an awful knitter... but a sweet and slow-moving old soul. He spends many days napping in a chair in the back office at Twisted.




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